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Some critics suggested that the opera star looked as if he was sulking, but Potts responded on Twitter: "To those that thought I was sulking - that's what I look like most of the time lol."
Electronic device use likely deprives parents of the opportunity to provide meaningful emotional support and positive feedback to their children which causes their offspring to revert to even more problematic behaviour such as throwing tantrums or sulking. This only added to parents' stress levels, likely leading to more withdrawal with technology, and the cycle continues.
TEENAGERS are tops when it comes to sulking. That's the main complaint from parents in a survey by Bonjela Junior.
London, Nov 20 ( ANI ): Australian batsman David Warner has advised England bowler Stuart Broad to 'stop sulking' and laugh off the abuse from the Australian fans during the winter Ashes, starting on November 21 at the Gabba in Brisbane.
* LOOK FOR CLUES Soft dogs will telegraph what they're feeling by sulking, tucking their tail between their legs, shaking, looking away ...
In an outspoken interview, John Bercow said many of those who had tried to prevent him becoming Speaker in 2009 were still "sulking" three years later.
MANY youngsters are ungracious losers, sulking, swearing and throwing tantrums after losing on the sports field.
Writing in the Saudi-owned newspaper AL HAYAT on Wednesday, Shiryan said the "renewed" crisis between Lebanon and Syria is set for further complication after Hariri's sources quoted in ASHARQ AL AWSAT ruled out his resignation or sulking. "No doubt, Hariri's stay in power provides support for Damascus' allies in Lebanon.
He lives and works in Pontcanna, Cardiff, and will be sulking on the City Hall lawns with a placard advertising his efforts from 1-2pm this Friday.
Johnson admits he was still sulking for up to eight months after that loss, in which time he drove his wife Melissa crazy by continuously watching re-runs of the game.
United value the striker at much less and knowing Spurs don't want Berbatov sulking around White Hart Lane and upsetting morale it's a case of who blinks first.
For those who sulk as their way of dealing with things, not only does this play havoc with those individuals, but sulking behaviour causes unnecessary stress, tension and upset to others around these people, almost acting as a deliberate punishment.