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I did my share of sulking when I was a teenager, but that was because I was trying to cultivate the James Dean look"
On the other hand, if she's been performing the command reliably for a while and suddenly begins sulking, what has changed?
Writing in the Saudi-owned newspaper AL HAYAT on Wednesday, Shiryan said the "renewed" crisis between Lebanon and Syria is set for further complication after Hariri's sources quoted in ASHARQ AL AWSAT ruled out his resignation or sulking.
He lives and works in Pontcanna, Cardiff, and will be sulking on the City Hall lawns with a placard advertising his efforts from 1-2pm this Friday.
Johnson admits he was still sulking for up to eight months after that loss, in which time he drove his wife Melissa crazy by continuously watching re-runs of the game.
United value the striker at much less and knowing Spurs don't want Berbatov sulking around White Hart Lane and upsetting morale it's a case of who blinks first.
There's no point in sulking and coming on to the pitch and not doing anything.
MIDDLESBROUGH manager Gareth Southgate will be hoping to send Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink sulking all the way home to Cardiff tomorrow.
For those who sulk as their way of dealing with things, not only does this play havoc with those individuals, but sulking behaviour causes unnecessary stress, tension and upset to others around these people, almost acting as a deliberate punishment.
But only when he's not sulking under the burden of serving as the savior of the peasants oppressed by the corrupt, sinister Sheriff (Keith Allen), who is perfectly content to hang a poor man for stealing flour to feed his starving family.
Squashes are a mixed bag' I lost a lot shortly after planting out' some are growing well now, and others are sulking despite watering.
He isn't a very scary Nosferatu: he bites people with one tooth so that they'll think it's a mosquito, and he's constantly sulking about his woman problems.