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The New Deere Light-Draft Sulky Plow is a framed, high-lift machine.
POUT Glenda with Bruno COLD SHOULDER Bruno gets sulky with Glenda
And Agassi's sulky expression suggested it wasn't his idea for her to stay away.
The noise and mess will be instantly familiar to all parents used to yelling at teenagers - like Harry Enfield's sulky character Kevin - to "tidy that room" or "turn it down".
Berbatov's sulky show at the beginning of this season was tantamount to handing in his own transfer request.
Instead he should get the rich to put their hands in their pockets and get the banks to start lending to each other instead of acting like a lot of sulky children.
He wasn't playing well and it was getting him down, so he has come out of the team and he has got two options - he can be a sulky boy or he can be a man and he has decided to be a man.
My husband's sulky and jealous and wants me to give it up.
PESHAWAR -- After a sulky situation in district Torghar over a land dispute, Deputy Commissioner Pervez Khanon Tuesday imposed Section 144 in the District banning public gathering, display of arms and grass cutting.
Jaurs; Realization of the Sulky work stations and Toulouse Lautrec; Realization of the foundations of the LAC located in the grip of the work.
Is 'Hiddleswift' in a sulky mood due to an icy tiff?
Sullen Simon is back, more sulky than ever, and Gail finds out what happened to Callum as David and Kylie struggle to get back to normal.