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Bruised and bleeding, he sat on the chair, taking no part in the performance and only sullenly engendering a deeper and bitterer sourness.
They hauled in their oars, and sullenly submitted to arrest.
In her two long narrow windows, the fire shone sullenly all day, and sullenly all night.
Some Yazidis are burning the houses of the Arabs who fled after ISIL retreated," a peshmerga soldier told me sullenly.
Stand sullenly like a scruffy sixthform rebel amid war heroes?
Mostly, my recipes work fine, but occasionally I open the oven door with trepidation to find a deflated, sad little cake, looking at me sullenly, and I have no idea why.
He then sullenly refused to sing the national anthem.
The project is complete but we have no investors so we are unable to start production," he said sullenly.
I suppose so," I mumbled sullenly, while my hands drew comfort from a steaming mug of tea.
I will have been marched sullenly through X-ray Alley at Kotoka Airport, beltless and clutching a fistful of trouser waistband whilst my untied shoelaces trail in the dust.
Some sit sullenly, giving the impression they couldn't care less about life.
But the song's dark tinge permeates the video, from the opening shot where Markov, dressed in fairly conventional if sullenly drab clothes, enters an apartment and takes a woman's hand (presumably Sarah's), only to find her garb transformed to something resembling Dorothy Gale's, compete with ruby slippers.