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Some are statedly sullenly aloof for being kept out of the counsels, when the prime minister is truly famous for working through a kitchen cabinet.
But, against a desperately poor Birmingham side with a meagre home crowd that didn't need any silencing because they were resolutely, sullenly schtum from the start, Boro's ponderous performance was dragged down to the level that the league position of both sides suggested it would be before the game kicked off.
HOW I LIVE NOW (15) THE poster for moody thriller How I Live Now shows Atonement actress Saoirse Ronan staring sullenly into the distance, headphones firmly blocking out the world around her.
Or will he have to move home, take over the family business and drive, sullenly, around town in his own Lamborghini?
Lying sullenly by the camp and refusing to eat, she says, "You sound like a bloody woman".
The letters follow his transformation from a naive and happy to jaded, bruised and beaten, eventually falling into indifference over the violence and atrocity of war in the end sullenly telling his mother about digging graves.
All the while there was a caginess to Johansson's physical performance and tone, as her eyes watched -- yes, catlike -- every movement of the sullenly alcoholic Brick (played by Benjamin Walker).
The stewards tried to manage the unreserved seating area in the premier enclosure, where some individuals were standing blocking the view of those seated and were sullenly reluctant to move.
He showed his disgust by walking off the opposite side of the pitch and sullenly walked round to the side of the dugout.
It burns brightly for a few years before cooling into a remnant that can glow sullenly for centuries.
Some wanted to be left alone, while others pondered their future sullenly.
Somewhat sullenly, Astro promised to behave, so it was off home for Stacey Francis.