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Tehran and London, however, have rejected the idea of a ransom, saying the sum of money is an outstanding debt the UK owes to Iran over an uncompleted arms deal decades ago.
New York [USA], October 30 ( ANI ): In a recent revelation, Rose McGowan has said that she was offered a significant sum of money to keep mum over the Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault allegation, just days before the news came out.
He presented them with a certificate of appreciation and a sum of money as a reward.
The guarantee shall be in the following forms unconditional, irrevocable bank guarantee in the original valid for 120 calendar days after the deadline for submission of tenders or paid a sum of money in a current account of the Ministry of Justice, the Bank National Bank - Headquarters; Bank code (BIC) BNBGBGSD; Bank Account (IBAN) BG44 BNBG 9661 3300 1737 01.
The report highlighted the case of morning show anchor Juggun Kazim who was allegedly getting huge sum of money without adopting any lawful procedure.
attacked him as he was asking the latter to return a sum of money he had lent him.
Othman added, "The federal government has sent a sum of money to the Kurdistan region, and another sum of money will be sent in the beginning of next week.
A lawbreaker who's transferred a great sum of money from accounts of the two large cell phone providers, including VimpelCom Ltd's Sky Mobile (TM Beeline), to a foreign bank is on the run, according to the Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department for Jalal-Abad.
He explained that the client targets a sum of money that he wishes to collect in the future, and through an organised plan, this sum of money is saved during a specific time frame over monthly installments.
It is also reported that Donnelly had a property to live in and had access to the large sum of money in his bank account.
PAUL STEVENS It is a crazy sum of money particularly when he probably gets a cut of it as well.
He searched the room and made off with what police called a large sum of money.

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