sum total

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If capital consumed its share, the sum total of capital could not increase.
We found that the division of the joint product that took place there was similar to the division that took place in the sum total of all industrial processes.
Being a kaldane he knew that brains spelled the sum total of universal achievement, but it had never occurred to him that they should be put to use in practical and profitable ways.
Seven hundred a year is a fine thing for a younger brother; and as of course he will still live at home, it will be all for his menus plaisirs; and a sermon at Christmas and Easter, I suppose, will be the sum total of sacrifice.
The occasional delays, and the unusual bother of stepping to the stove, now and then, to pour himself and the men a hot cup of coffee--this was their sum total.
Glegg, at the pleasant hour of four in the afternoon of a hot August day, was naturally counting his wall-fruit to assure himself that the sum total had not varied since yesterday.
The sum total in November of all net foreign acquisitions of long-term securities, short-term U.
As we mark this year of the 41st anniversary of the establishment of the relations between China and the Philippines, we will look at the sum total of our relationships.
They say their plans fall short of the SNP's ambition of devo max, full fiscal autonomy and full devolution of welfare - but goes "significantly further than the sum total of the proposals of the three pro-devolution parties".
1) Supply of diesel, heating oil, unleaded gasoline for the Municipality of Pilea-Chortiati sum total of 1 030 770,74 EUR2) Supply of diesel, heating oil, unleaded gasoline for the Municipal Water Company of Pilea-Chortiati sum total of 23 111,70 EUR3) Supply of heating oil for KE.
The sum total of all OP Transport railway projects amounts to over BGN 1 B, Transport Minister Danail Papazov said Tuesday at the official launch of the Pazardzhik-Stamboliyski section construction.
Besides a passing touch-up for Gonzales and Jimmy Connors and an early-1970s outburst at Ilie Nastase, the sum total of Laver's trash talk wouldn't fill up half a wristband, the report said.