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To operationalize the final Saliency phase, the summarization software in this study used a statistical algorithm known as Combo.
The semantic predications produced by the Summarization phase can be visually displayed.
The results of this study may offer commentary on the potential enhancement offered by Combo-driven Summarization in expanding Semantic MEDLINE's functionality.
Keywords: computational linguistics, natural language processing, computer science, information retrieval, question answering, text summarization
--Text summarization is a popular application that allows for reduction of text size without significant loose of the content.
This section is divided into following subsections that correspond to each application of CL: Information Retrieval, Question Answering, Text Summarization, and Text Generation.
Keywords: natural language processing, automatic summarization, relevance detection, quality-based evaluation
Automatic Summarization (AS) task helps users condense all this information and present it in a brief way, in order to make it easier to process the vast amount of documents related to the same topic that exist these days.
The stage of interpretation is what distinguishes extract-type summarization systems from abstract-type systems.
(1995) provided guidelines for teaching summarization techniques to students, which were used in structuring Susan's lessons.
The second guideline is to model the skills of summarization. Teachers and speech-language pathologists should talk through examples using the following four rules:
(1995), most studies on the effectiveness of summarization strategies provided at least 6 hours of instruction on using this technique.