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In the trial, it was shown that the system could not only summarize an article instantaneously, a task that previously would have taken up to five minutes per article to do by hand, but also that it could summarize articles with greater accuracy-closer to what would be done by hand-than the existing lead method(1).
At the end of the meeting, summarize the entire meeting and what the action items are everyone is leaving the meeting with.
We also summarize abstracts examining new data on the cognitive impairment and central nervous system toxicities with AR-targeted therapies and the need for further research in this domain.
Lacking the skills to effectively analyze the material, these students often struggle to properly summarize what they have read because they have never mastered the correct techniques to do so.
ENM encompasses a suite of tools that relate known occurrences of these species or phenomena to raster geographic information system layers that summarize variation in several environmental dimensions.
Harris (2005), a health sciences librarian who has done considerable work in the field, summarizes the role of an information scientist in the systematic review process.
Because of this, it was possible to summarize the probability of future activity with a single, representative value for each segment.
One technique widely used that helps to summarize the issues is a SWOT analysis.
Chart interview requests--track requests daily/weekly/monthly depending on volume, and summarize the specific interviewees being requested.
Rather, as per the standing format of the Science Selections portion of EHP, Twombly was assigned to summarize the findings of a particular research article in the same issue (Gibson 2003).
Only after close reading could we summarize ideas in our own words and write strong reactions.
As promised, the essays summarize the latest research in the field.