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"Over the course of the next few months, the submissions will be summarized, clarified, and evaluated," Schmidt said.
OLAP software allows users to quickly analyze information that has been summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies.
The primary causes cited for consultation failure are summarized in Table 1, along with the frequency of ranked response.
Despite all this, the book is organized in easily summarized sections.
From time to time the studies that are of general interest are published in the Staff Studies series and summarized in the Federal Reserve Bulletin.
As Euclid, in Egypt, summarized ancient geometry, and Ptolemy, again in Egypt, summarized ancient astronomy, so Zosimus (240-?), also in Egypt, about the year 300, summarized ancient alchemy.
This year at the annual GU-ASCO conference, landmark studies in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer were presented and are summarized in this congress report.
The Two Bags Task the observational measure of the videotaped parent-child interaction is summarized in chapter 6, and children's physical measurements are summarized in chapter 7.
In this system, data can be automated and summarized, and students and instructors have instant access to data once they are generated.
Components of a state water resources plan are summarized. The report was sponsored by the Task Committee on State Water Resource Planning Assessment of the Water Resource Planning Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute, which is part of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
The relatively recent deciphering of several pneumococcal genomes has led to a new outburst of research activity, aspects of which are summarized in several of the chapters.
Following the Pontifical Council's Plenary Assembly, Cardinal Poupard summarized some of the proposals made by the attending bishops, archbishops, and cardinals: