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Summarizers consolidate the deliberations by stating concisely what has been said.
The entity-centered summarizer aims to construct the summary so as to include the most relevant entities.
The role of Summarizer tended to emerge toward the conclusion of the experience.
Not merely a translator, admirer, or summarizer of Waagen's work, or a follower of any particular trend in art criticism, Eastlake views careful and correct attribution as central to her factual approach.
Assignment of roles is also an important aspect for AOD success, as is evident in a study by De Wever, Schellens, Van Keer, and Valcke (2008), where they demonstrated the success of five different roles students can utilize: (1) source searcher, (2) theoretician, (3) summarizer, (4) moderator, and (5) starter.
com)-- Essential Summarizer comes in a wide range of software and solutions, to figure out instantaneously multilingual contents and create an automatic summary for efficient reading.
such as source searcher, theoretician, summarizer and moderator (De Wever et al.
Some examples of roles that may support group processing are summarizer, timer, reference citation "expert," encourager, web-researcher, and editor of final project.
A Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarizer Based on Lexical Chains.
Yet, the point is that Professor Siegers impact has transcended that classic sense in which the commentator is cited as a summarizer of a practice or rule.
6] address three important issues, contextualization, partiality, and topicality faced by any context-based summarizer and propose two algorithms whose efficiency depends on the size of the text contents and the context of the target Web page.
Importantly too, in applying the discussion strategy to the teaching-learning process, the teacher plays the role of a manager, guide, initiator, referee and a summarizer.