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(d) The "S" represents summarizer such as: "very high "amount of human resources" and concepts under which the "y" objects are grouped in the query.
In this paper, development methods and test results of Rule Based Turkish Text Summarizer (RB-TTS) have been presented briefly.
In the De Wever et al.'s study (2010) the messages from moderators and summarizers reflect higher levels of knowledge construction at the beginning of discussions.
At end-term, over 60% of the group identified with the group task roles of clarifier, information giver, information seeker, summarizer, and initiator in that order (see Figure 7).
The one notable exception to this is in the summarizers' ability to adapt to topic changes; here, the topic modeling significantly outperforms the entity-centered approach.
(F115) Summarizers were perceived within the community as authoritative narrators.
A Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarizer Based on Lexical Chains.
The directions given to authors of the specific country studies and to the summarizers have resulted in a far more consistent text than many edited collections: the book is an excellent guide to understanding workers' voice in the chosen countries.
I have myself been the summarizer of those who had to be summarizers in order to be interpreters.
As you might expect, those tools include document categorizers, clustering engines, classifiers, named entity extractors, summarizers and indexers, just to mention a few.
(1) Se trata de tratados medicos realizados a traves de la compilacion de fuentes anteriores, tal como afirma NUTTON, Vivian, <<Galen to Alexander, aspects of medicine and medical practice in Late Antiquity>>, en SCARBOROUGH, John (ed.), Symposium on Byzantine Medicine, Dumbarton Oaks Papers 38, 1983, 2: <<The fourth and later centuries present us with a dull and narrow range of authors --the summarizers, the encyclopaedists--who have been studied not for themselves but for the earlier sources they happen to encapsulate>>.
From this more complex view of the constituent processes of the production of the CSM compilations, the team of participants working under the King would have included miracle collectors, summarizers and translators; archivists and filing clerks maintaining the central repository of stories; composers of texts, music and visual narratives; compilers and indexers of completed poems; and organizers of manuscripts, directing copyists in the scriptorium or workshops.