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In addition to a prostate cancer update, we summarize the recent data on advanced kidney cancer from Genitourinary Cancers Symposium (GU-ASCO) congress.
She not only summarizes her findings in tables and narrative form but also talks about the implications of her findings for librarians who make decisions about search engines for Web sites.
The collection of articles in this special issue on research methods in school counseling summarizes a vast amount of knowledge that has been specially focused on helping school counselors to glean "what works." A few dominant themes emerge from the 10 articles: (a) One premise of school reform is that all students can achieve and school counselors are in a strategic position to advocate for students and to be leaders in helping students succeed.
Matthew Bender (Charlottesville, VA) has begun the publication of "Bender's California Labor & Employment Bulletin," a monthly newsletter that summarizes legislative, judicial and regulatory developments in California employment law.
Hart cogently summarizes much of what is already accepted as the conventional wisdom in foreign policy and progressive political circles and widely understood among the general public.
Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) has recently issued an Executive Report, Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance: From Project to Sustainability, that summarizes the compliance practices of leading companies during 2004.
We are unanirnous that this volume is user-friendly, broadly summarizes an immense body of knowledge, and should become the intellectual travelling companion of any student or professional of the field of sedimentary geology.
Kathline Nitsch summarizes Stanley Kurtz's analysis of what is happening in Holland, the first country to embrace SSM: far from re-inforcing marriage, it is undermining it.
The unique aspect of this book is that it defines each strategy, gives action steps, and summarizes each chapter.
The report summarizes the information collected during the review of practices in five states: Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota and California.
Chapter 2 summarizes Dominici's biography and his activities as a preacher, writer, diplomat, and pedagogue.