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She not only summarizes her findings in tables and narrative form but also talks about the implications of her findings for librarians who make decisions about search engines for Web sites.
The collection of articles in this special issue on research methods in school counseling summarizes a vast amount of knowledge that has been specially focused on helping school counselors to glean "what works.
The following summarizes some suggestions described from the full report.
One technique widely used that helps to summarize the issues is a SWOT analysis.
Battista does summarize the views of Dominici and Montessori, but she provides little explicit comparison between the two.
In the book's opening chapter, the two editors summarize the key issues attending welfare reform, presenting their own views and supporting them with plausible arguments.
The state of Colorado's Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) has produced a report that summarizes 15 statewide computer collection events the department co-sponsored last year.
Nancy McGovern, Audata's principal records and information consultant and a specialist in electronic records, summarizes the material.
I am pleased to present the 1999 Ninth Circuit Environmental Review, which conveniently summarizes in one location the significant cases in environmental, natural resources, and Native American law decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1998-1999.
This report from Canada (Environment Canada) summarizes observed trends in the net anthropogenic sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in Canada, as well as the methodologies used to estimate them, and associated uncertainties.
The memo summarizes all the evidence from Day One,'' said one attorney.
Section one summarizes case management implications including identifying and selecting the appropriate resources following a detailed needs assessment of the client.