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Simply summarizing conversations will increase the odds they remember what you had to tell them.
the contract is "arranging a meeting summarizing training on the specialization degree and postgraduate studies summarizing the meeting.
The idea is that known occurrences of species across landscapes can be related to raster geographic information system coverages summarizing environmental variation across those landscapes to develop a quantitative picture of the ecologic distribution of the species.
Helping school counselors in three key areas is the mission of CSCOR: (a) summarizing research showing the impact of programs/interventions on student outcomes such as achievement, safety, discipline, and postsecondary choices; (b) providing training in the use of data and data-based decision making; and (c) evaluating research-based interventions and curricula tied to student outcomes of interest.
Consider tracking, summarizing and providing charts to those outside your department so others can easily understand how PR supports the organization's overall objectives.
Summarizing and reacting also have a solid foundation in the literature as being educationally viable.
In addition to summarizing general trends, the country case studies provide a wealth of information about the implementation of workfare.
The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of two learning strategies: summarizing and structured questions on near and far transfer tasks.
Also included is a page summarizing the activities of CENSA (Collaborative Electronic Notebook System Association).
The general issue that we were confronted with was how to help guide the reader through 14 tables of data summarizing over 80 articles reporting cancer rates for 23 different anatomical sites.
They are to be commended for the excellent job they have done this year in analyzing and summarizing the often technical and complex cases decided by the Ninth Circuit that are summarized in this edition of Environmental Law.
The panel evaluated 17 scientific presentations summarizing hundreds of studies conducted in recent years, primarily in Western countries.