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In addition to the agreed summary of facts, which T had signed, the tribunal considered an additional statement from her.
In that case, Rudd acknowledged in a court summary of facts that he'd offered cash, vehicles and a house to an associate after asking him to have the victim "taken out.
The above is a summary of facts and events as they occurred since April 20, 2015 when the first complaint against ACE Securities was received by KSE.
The VIRAL SPIRAL section features "a list of false and misleading viral rumors" along with a summary of facts.
Have defense counsel prepare a pre-trial suit evaluation report that details procedural background, anticipated jury or panel composition, summary of facts and expert testimony and the settlement range.
It contained a summary of facts regarding the entire statue affair as well as Mehra's other alleged wrongdoings, including the rather hideous accusation that jail inmates were being coerced to bow to the marble idol, christened ' Vimla Maa' for this particular purpose.
A summary of facts that constitute the basis for the nomination (up to 250 words).
While the victim found the sexual encounter exciting, she was disappointed she did not get to see [the man] after it had finished," the summary of facts reads.
Each entry begins with a chronological account of the person's life and a summary of facts and dates, then moves on to analyze the person's significance in Chinese culture.
You can download and instantly access his poetry from a database of every poem written by Burns, a summary of facts about his life and a guide to hosting a Burns Supper.
Nagpal, who showed little emotion while the grisly summary of facts was being read out, will appear in the High Court at Rotorua for sentencing on February 18.
The Respondent does not contest any of the allegations in the administrative record, including Enforcement Counsel s initial Notice or the summary of facts in the ALJ s Recommended Decision.

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