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As a result of the review of literature, we developed a list of 17 relationship dimensions (investment, commitment, trust, comfort with relational dialectics, cooperation, mutual goals, interdependence/power imbalance, performance satisfaction, comparison level of the alternatives, adaptation, non-retrievable investment, shared technology, summate constructs, structural bonds, social bonds, intimacy, and passion) that were used in qualitative research with key publics in order to identify organization-public relationship dimensions that impact consumer behavior.
Cycle the workloads on a "periodic" 3-4 week basis in order to summate their training effects and avoid accommodation.
The mean FR2 latency for Group ISWD was comparable to that for Group NSWD, suggesting that water deprivation could summate with the aversive drive maintained by exposure to shock, so that escape impairment is eliminated.
Regional Container Lines managing director and president Summate Tanthuwanit said, We have a long relationship through providing feeder services to complement Yang Ming Marines long-haul operations.
Method of repayment: in 14 days from the date of fulfillment of obligations by the contractor summate by that contract, unless they have been raised to that claim on
Method of repayment: in 14 days from the date of fulfillment by the Contractor of the obligations summate by the contract, if they have not been raised to that claim on it.
The goal of the MANOVA test was to ascertain whether the slightly lower average summate scale scores of Group Two were sufficiently lower to assume a statistically significant difference between the two groups.