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We remark that if we summate two simple Levinson conform matrix, the resulting matrix will also be simple Levinson conform.
Both of these mechanisms summate to produce a very significant loss of body weight in diet-induced obese mice, a widely used model of human obesity, that results from a marked reduction in body fat deposits, while lean tissues are spared.
Cycle the workloads on a "periodic" 3-4 week basis in order to summate their training effects and avoid accommodation.
Mean summate scores, developed from the factor analysis, were used as clustering dimensions.
The mean FR2 latency for Group ISWD was comparable to that for Group NSWD, suggesting that water deprivation could summate with the aversive drive maintained by exposure to shock, so that escape impairment is eliminated.
However, it has been established that the current from other monitoring devices that also measure thoracic impedance (such as those monitors that display respiratory frequency) can summate with the pulsed current from MV-RRP.
It is possible that backward and forward conditioning effects coexist in a single procedure, and that effects of these procedures summate.
16) The TRQ summates the degree of tinnitus distress over 26 items that are indicative of the extent of lifestyle disturbance, yielding a composite score ranging between 0 and 104.