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1]) Time Zone A (%) 8 (3-14) 1 (0-1) (a) Time Zone B (%) 1 (1-2) 2 (0-3) (a) Time Zone C (%) 11 (9-13) 17 (12-21) (a) Time Zone D (%) 21 (19-23) 20 (17-23) (a) Time Zone E (%) 23 (21-26) 20 (17-23) (a) Time Zone F (%) 19 (17-21) 17 (14-19) (a) Time Zone G (%) 13 (10-16) 24 (20-28) (a) Summated HR (A.
The summated mean for the Attitudes Toward Right-of-Way Hay Harvesting scale was 2.
Two paired-samples t-tests were used to compare the summated means (acceptability and treatment) by event type (rodeo events vs.
The items were summated where higher scores indicate higher levels of financial anxiety.
We compute summated scores for each factor and perform Pearson's correlation analysis to study the relationships between factors, significant positive correlation exist between factor professional relationship with honor and reward, autonomy, interaction, emotionally exhausted, weak correlation with depersonalization and personal accomplishment.
119 Table 4: Independent samples t-test--Week 12 bridging program summated scales by undergraduate passing result Measure Levene's Test t-test F .
The overall summated rating scale reveals a positive influence, and several elements of the index, such as the general age and education requirements, apprenticeships, and continuing education, are all positively related to the incidence, or reporting, of workplace injuries.
A five-point scale based on Likerts summated rating scale was constructed to measure the opinions of the respondents towards various factors of job satisfaction.
Secondly, summated score was calculated for resultant digital marketing factors and finally individual differences were measured for marketing professional mindset factors.
The lengths of the lesions were measured using Biovis image analyzer software and summated to give a total lesion score.
Atlanta-based 0ldcastle con summated the transaction with Tricor Pacific, which acquired Expocrete in late 2007, and grew the business with 20082009 deals for Weldon's Concrete Products Ltd.
A Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was conducted with the intention of reducing the data into manageable summated scales.