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It can bring into disrepute, in consequence, the institution of summitry also.
In Singapore, summitry made sense if it was meant to halt the rhetorical war between Trump and Kim and to advance the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear program But the nauseating flattery Trump lavished on this mass murderer did little to promote those interests.
THE GROUP OF 7 OR GROUP OF 8 (G7/8) SUMMITRY HAS HISTORICALLY BEEN challenging for civil society actors, but since the mid-1990s the G7/8 states have indicated a greater openness to civil society organization (CSO) participation in the summitry process.
Trump, whose Marine One helicopter landed from Taormina to the soaring soundtrack of the "Air Force One" movie, emerged from two days of closed door summitry to declare his trip a success.
The language of the Chairman's Statement issued at the end of the 30th Asean Summit held in the Philippines was disappointing; it failed to press the advantage a host traditionally enjoys in Asean summitry, which is the framing of shared concerns.
The institutions of global governance and the endless rounds of global summitry are covered in some detail with sections on the various Earth Summits occurring since the first in 1992.
International relations, diplomatic studies, political science, and other researchers from around the world address topics like the conceptual history of diplomacy; diplomatic agency; diplomacy and foreign policy, the arts, ethics, and knowledge; embassies and missions, consulates, and the diplomatic corps; diplomacy and international law; diplomatic immunity; negotiation, mediation, and summitry; diplomatic language; relations between states and diplomacy in various countries and regions; and types of diplomacy, such as public, coercive, revolutionary, conference, citizen, celebrity, digital, economic, business, military, environmental, sports, science, and indigenous diplomacy.
For connoisseurs of international summitry, it's been high season recently in Turkey.
In another development in this part of the world, the Malaysian premier opened a fresh round of summitry by railing against the very ideology behind extremism.
The season of summitry has so far been dominated by calls for action over Islamic State's attacks in Paris and Mali, and bombings in Lebanon.
China and the European Union (EU) have just wrapped up their latest round of summitry with a series of cooperation deals and a firm commitment to dovetailing their development strategies and further boosting bilateral win-win cooperation.