summon forth

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The persistence of grief and the hope of redemption are themes as timeless as dramaturgy itself, but rarely do they summon forth the kind of extraordinary swirl of love, anger, tenderness and brittle humor that is "Manchester by the Sea," Kenneth Lonergan's beautifully textured, richly enveloping drama about how a death in the family forces a smalltown New Englander to confront a past tragedy anew.
They Evangelicals support Orthodox resettlement in the firm belief that a reconstruction of biblical Israel will summon forth the Messiah, or the return of Jesus, to fight the final battle of Armageddon.
Poetic speech and sacred speech are alike in being formulaic: these words and only these words will summon forth the listening god--or, in the case of the poet's fellow listeners, close the gap endemic to all communication, again and again returning the listener from paraphrase, from hearing his own words, to listen more insistently to these and only these words.
In short, Fayyad is an American invention, the latest in a long series of moderate phantoms that we summon forth to hide the gap between the way we want the world to be and a reality that is often cruel but not often difficult to fathom.
It would be relatively easy to summon forth a latent majority; it is harder by an order of magnitude to create a new majority out of disparate strands of a divided electorate.
This is a call to acknowledge reality, to summon forth all the revolutionary zeal, energy, knowledge, rage against the dying of the light, in order to maintain a constant concern for all human beings, to save our species and our potentially beautiful planet.
Some have nothing against him as a jockey but can't summon forth unbridled joy at his return after being disappointed before.
They summon forth our deeper sense of connection with others and our humanity.
Consider instead the shudder-inducing site, whose name alone apparently has the talismanic power to summon forth visions of endlessly indulged evil teen impulses.
This has made it difficult to summon forth the kind of banner headlines and broadcast images that might otherwise galvanize popular opinion in their favor, and they feel it works to the museum's advantage.
Viewers of this video would be hard-pressed to summon forth any acceptance of Leuchter's ideas.
But ambivalence, she says, can summon forth women's creativity and imagination, leading to new visions and perspectives drawn from tradition, experience, and the culture at large.