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TO SUMMON, practice. The act by which a defendant is notified by a competent officer, that an action has been instituted against him, and that he is required to answer to it at a time and place named. This is done either by giving the defendant a copy of the summons, or leaving it at his house; or by reading the summons to him.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Last night, they summoned me to come to Delhi by 1 pm.
The Speaker Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani has summoned the assembly session on the requisition signed by 36 opposition members of the provincial assembly on Wednesday.
Speaking to the press, the Secretary General of the parliament Fathimath Niusha said that next week Transport Minister Aisha and Health Minister Abdullah Ameen will be summoned to the parliament.
Israeli police summoned two days ago 4-year-old Mohammad Ilian and yesterday summoned 6-year-old Qais Obeid, both from Issawiyeh neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, for interrogation on claim the former threw a stone and the second a beverage at a police vehicle in the neighborhood.
On June 27, NAB summoned Khawaja Asif family for interrogation in the corruption case.
Article 54(3) of the Constitution says: 'On a requisition signed by not less than one-fourth of the total membership of the National Assembly, the speaker shall summon the National Assembly to meet, at such time and place as he thinks fit, within fourteen days of the receipt of the requisition; and when the Speaker has summoned the Assembly only he may prorogue it.'
Itshould be noted that the Palace summoned the American ambassador last year over an assessment report of the US Intelligence Community.
According to sources, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has been summoned in the Park Lane case.
According to media reports, NAB has summoned Faryal Talpur in connection with joint venture investigation besides directing her to bring all the relevant record.
Dharejo, also a member of the investigation team, said that they have prepared a chart of Abidi's activities in the last four months and leaders of political parties could be summoned. Dharejo added that Abidi's murder seemed to be related with his political activities but nothing could be said until the investigation was completed.
Sirisia intelligence officers summoned Nandalwe, accusing him of being behind the chaos.
Earlier, NAB had summoned Salman Shehbaz for investigation but now Hamza Shehbaz too called by NAB.