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On the second day of this scramble one of the hunters killed a black- tailed deer, which afforded the half-starved travellers a sumptuous repast.
To close our first day in Paris cheerfully and pleasantly, we now sought our grand room in the Grand Hotel du Louvre and climbed into our sumptuous bed to read and smoke--but alas!
Strickland that it was a large and sumptuous place at the back of the Rue de Rivoli.
You'll find it large enough to cook our sumptuous repasts," he retorted lightly.
It was one of those sumptuous but cold apartments known to Pierre only from the front approach, but even in this room there now stood an empty bath, and water had been spilled on the carpet.
This doomed woman, dying slowly day by day, delighted in bright colors and sumptuous materials.
You speak like an oracle, Helen, and all you say is indisputably true; but listen here: I am hungry, and I see before me a good substantial dinner; I am told that if I abstain from this to-day I shall have a sumptuous feast to-morrow, consisting of all manner of dainties and delicacies.
It had become a fairyland--that sumptuous, but dreary bedroom.
THE HANDMAIDEN (18) HHHH H SCHEMING ambition leads to lust, lunacy and betrayal in this sumptuous erotic thriller.
This sumptuous new restaurant is immaculately styled - you'll feel right at home here on Mother's Day.
She said the breakfast menu, distinct from the lunch and dinner menu, is sumptuous and offers everything from eggs benedict and pancakes to French toast, bagels and crispy hash browns.
SPARKLE, sequins and sumptuous textures is what Kylie demands in her K bedroom - from bedding and accessories that is.