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Sunder spends most of his life chained up by all four legs in a windowless tinnedroof shed at the Jyotiba Temple, outside Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
The actress' letter came after PETA's discovery that Sunder was abused by his handler, who jabbed him in the right eye with an ankus (a sharp, hooked metal weapon), confined him to chains with sharp spikes and kept him alone inside a dark shed.
Saying that slowing down of loan growth is an area of concern, Sunder noted that NBO might be looking for a better growth in loan book this year, mainly due to growth in infrastructure spending by the government.
The DSP Beat 14 Maraka CPO Malik Ghulam Rasool, SPO Faraz Ahmad and Patrolling Officers Nadim Ahmed observed this vehicle near Sunder on national highways.
I appeal to you to do what is right here, and get Sunder post haste to rehabilitation in the forest," the Daily Mail quoted McCartney, as saying.
It takes at least two to three days to settle down the volatility and get clarity on who are acquiring the stock," Sunder added.
Sunder was posted at Kalyanpuri police station in east Delhi as the inspector ( investigation).
Tenders are invited for tender for Permanent Sewerage system to Sunder Nagar Town in Tehsil Sunder Nagar Distt Mandi SH Demolition of RCC slab in 20 Nos manhole & stone masonry and C/O RCC slab to 20 Nos Manhole Deposit work Document cost : INR 250 EMD value : INR 4200 Opening date : 11 Jan 2018 Period of contract : 3 Month
Bastar Superintendent of Police Sunder Raj said that team of forensic experts are investigating the kind and quantity of explosives that has been used in the blast.
There is a severe competition in the mobile segment, with several resellers entering the field," said Kanaga Sunder, Senior Research Analyst of Gulf Baader Capital Markets.
LAHORE, May 09, 2010 (Frontier Star): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has ordered that registration of those plots in Sunder Industrial Estate should immediately be cancelled which are still vacant despite passage of dead line and transparent policy for re-allotment of these plots to those real investors should be devised who are interested in setting up of industries.
THE DELHI Police have arrested two people for murdering a man during an argument over Rs 5 in the Sunder Nagri area of northeast Delhi.