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Paint sundries and other painting supplies accounted for $4.
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Figure 1--Graphical representation of paint and sundries sales at retail (2007).
Census data also provide users with insight into the sundries category, although not at the same level of detail as with coatings products.
Even though sundries sales volume was up overall, not all segments produced increases.
Last year sales of sundries (something of a catchall category, including everything from magazines to panty hose to sporting goods) increased just 3% over the prior-year level--well below the 10.
Maximum estimated value excluding VAT, including sundries and contingencies (in 10%), the agreement is: 21,611,205 lei VAT;
Value for Sundries and Contingencies are Reported According to the Technical Documentation of the Value Corresponding to the Estimated Value of Construction and Assembly of Components and Design (C + M + Design), Ie the Amount of 844,083.
Cf Cluj * Estimated Total Value: 22,212,001 Lei, of Which Sundries and Contingencies 1,823,880 Lei, Representing 8.
5281 Usd (During the General Estimate), of Which Sundries and Contingencies in the Amount of 1,298.