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People felt encouraged to sing, because it was "goodbye" to the old hymns, which used to be sung in a dead language, which nobody knew, except the priests.
Sung prayer is a wellspring of memory available when the prayer is needed again in life situations.
Siemsen describes the incarnation as "the wondrous song that God has sung to and through the cosmos." In Jesus, God is singing the Word into the very fiber of the cosmos.
Douglass's songs were sung in "complaint" for "souls boiling over in the bitterest anguish," but they were also sung as "a prayer to God for deliverance from chains." Sixo's song in front of the slave catchers certainly has within it some of this "complaint," but the reference to "juba" suggests more of what Du Bois, in The Souls of Black Folk, calls "faith in the ultimate justice of things" (213).
I believe the main reason is that the Welsh anthem is expected to be sung in Welsh, and quite rightly so, but bearing in mind that the overwhelming majority of Welsh people today are unable to speak or understand the language is it really fair to criticise the Welsh players for their inability to sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau?The brutal truth, like it or not, is the fact that Wales today is a country where the majority of the people simply do not know the words of their own national anthem.
McNally's thesis is that these Christian hymns sung in the Ojibwe language provide glimpses into the "colonial politics of domination and resistance" (p.
Sung Neung-kyung has made deliberately marginal, semiprivate photo installations and performances since the late '60s.
It would be wrong to say that real women always speak in the female complaintes, for they are not necessarily the work of female poets, nor were they necessarily sung by women.
How did an ancient Hebrew lament, sung as an "inner jihad" against Babylonian culture in the sixth century B.C.E., and still recited as grace after meals during weekdays at modern Jewish tables, become not only a Black lamentation but a popular liberation theme song in Rasta reggae lyrics?
Since the time of the Apostles they have always sung Alleluia, always proclaimed the Death and Rising of Jesus with song, always repented of sin with the aid of solemn melody, always pleaded for heaven's help in every need with moving music, always cried out their hope for the future in exultant rhythms."
"In order to become a singer, a drummer, and in order to work with your dancers you have to listen very, very well to how the words are sung. After learning things from my uncles, who are very good singers, and going back to what my grandfathers used to sing, I make songs myself now."