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In Sudbury, advanced exploration shafts are typically first sunk with some lateral development for underground exploratory drilling before any mining plans are drawn up.
If you don't have a sunk line, then a 12ft very fast sinking tip will b e nearly as effective.
The Caribou, a ferry from Dartmouth to Port Aux Basques, was sunk with a loss of 136 civilians.
New Orleans has sunk (5.5, 9, 12) feet since 1718 because (an earthquake shook its foundation, it was built on soft river mud, the multitude of skyscrapers placed too much pressure on the ground).
So far, says Smith, he and his colleagues have identified a total of 400 species living in the five whale fall communities that his team has either discovered or sunk in a small area off southern California.
It was the first time a submarine had sunk an enemy ship.
The project is the fifth shaft sunk by MMTC utilising the 'benching with jumbos' technique.
But Times managing editor Carr Van Anda deduced that the Titanic had sunk when two hours went by without telegraph messages from the ship.
Church was sunk in the Georgia Strait, a biological assessment by Subsea Enterprises found close to 100 species of marine organisms including invertebrates, fish and seaweeds on, and in association with, the sunken vessel.
We felt a ship from Belfast should not have sunk in that style.
Proving such involvement may be impossible, however, as military authorities in Britain and other countries have always been reluctant to admit that their submarines have been exercising in areas where boats have sunk.