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The last time summer was sunnier was 1995 - the sunniest ever recorded.
Sunday the sunniest and warmest (26C) Time difference Washington is eight hours behind UK Last week - Jeld-Wen Tradition 1 M Reid, 2 J Cook, 3 B Bryant, 4 L Mize, T5 T Watson, L Roberts, F Funk
The brothers Googled the country's sunniest cities and sifted through the results looking for mountains, a river and no sprawl.
The day was chosen because statistically it's the sunniest day of the year, but this time it rained 1953: British actor Keith Allen, whose work includes Shallow Grave, 24 Hour Party People, and tv series Robin Hood, is 55 today.
In a statement to the Haydock company's shareholders at its annual meeting, chairman John Nichols said: "The first 17 weeks' trading in 2008 have been in line with our budget expectations and slightly ahead of the same period last year, despite strong comparatives for April, 2007, which was the sunniest month of the whole year.
NASA has declared the spot the sunniest place on Earth.
The eco-friendly Adriana on the isle of Hvar - reputedly the sunniest of Croatia's islands - prides itself on offering sheer luxury without harming the environment.
While the baling of most paper, plastic and light metal takes place inside (in all but the sunniest climates), baling iron and steel has customarily been an outdoor activity.
There will be 52,000 photovoltaic modules on the plant on the 60-hectare site located on a south-facing hillside at Serpa, which is one of the sunniest spots in Europe.
The area is considered one of the sunniest in the European Union.
Pap smears positive for HPV infection were most frequent in August, Holland's sunniest month.