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To assist in financing the mammoth Super Highway, plans call for convening many current roads, which taxpayers have already paid for, to tollways for all motor vehicles.
On 1 July 2003, VF-2 officially became VFA-2 and began transition training to the F/A-18F Super Hornet.
The Super Bowl just didn't fit into our plans this year," McDade said.
It is a difficult proposition to assess which technology path, LTO or Super DLT, had the roughest time coming to market from a technological point of view.
Although Super DLTtape technology offers backward-read compatibility with the existing DLTtape product family and Benchmark DLT1, this new product release is not a backward compatible version.
Users and integrators will reap tremendous economic benefits from the Super DLTtape System's modular design, such as decreased time to-market and manufacture, and improved support and service.