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Between-song repertoire plays a big part in a Young Knives gig, but not even it could overshadow the material lifted from critically-acclaimed new album Superabundance.
The followup, Superabundance - out next month - is more mainstream and a lot poppier.
To the extent that Cooper's labor-intensive art has a political dimension, then, it is straightforwardly reflective of the inherent precariousness of our culture of superabundance.
Moreover, he points out, the overriding cause of feline dental problems can be traced to the modern cat's diet, which tends to produce a superabundance of plaque and tartar.
Although in the tropics, the altitude of the Himalayan foot-hills creates a temperate climate that is host to a superabundance of species suitable for growing in northern Europe.
The superabundance of Group 1s is probably the main reason.
His next task was to discover marketable uses for the superabundance of these new crops that were littering the fields.
The opening scene finds a trio of countertenors sharing the stage: perhaps a superabundance of this once rare but now thriving vocal category.
Essays such as "Against the Current" deal with the implications of superabundance, when there is so much of everything that nothing is really important.
On the other hand there is the superabundance of real architecture, that which is constructed in our horrible suburbs, along our holiday coasts, on the edges of our motorways, in our shopping centres.
Further investigation will show that a superabundance of advertisements is also part of the cause.