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Superabundant and useless, art de-personalizes as it intoxicates, in line with the Dionysiac rite of self-loss extolled by Nietzsche in The Birth of Tragedy.
What they share is a superabundant physical drive that manifested itself in early childhood and that quickly developed into ambition.
Thus, for instance, the Torah promises a superabundant harvest for the observance of the Sabbatical year, premature death for the consumption of certain forbidden foods, and destitution for failure to give tithe.
Gaflach is unknown in early Welsh poetry, in spite of the superabundant evidence for Celtic weaponry there.(17) The word occurs only in prose, and after 1100.
In The Gay Science ([subsection] 370) Nietzsche offers a fuller distinction between an active and a reactive creative principle, once again on the basis of whether an enfeebled reactive desire for absolution motivates the artistic drive, or whether it is instead animated by an active superabundant power, in short, amor fati.
We might read these lines as evidence either of the poetic crisis Wordsworth describes in the first pages of the 1805 Prelude or of "the powerful disturbance of mind occasioned by a superabundant flow of inspiration"--states of mind which are not as far apart as Parrish insists (Prelude 6).
'Prevention of copy culture is vital for improving quality of education', he said, adding strict directives were issued to superabundant of examination halls to end curse of duplicating system in province.
Using superabundant invasive prey such as these would give predators of all types, including insects, a competitive advantage over other native predators that cannot physiologically and behaviorally adapt to new (invasive) food sources (Carlsson et al.
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Proceeds from Put Up A Prayer benefit The Choice Wine - 7 Steps to a Superabundant Marriage, a groundbreaking, new program from Paradisus Dei to help couples strengthen their marriages.
As a participle it means something akin to "one who abounds in strength"; and as a noun it can be translated as "superabundant fertility." Thus, as a numeral it is the "superabundant" number.
Superabundant bacteria in the ocean routinely sacrifice parts of themselves, scientists have discovered.