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for the balance of the next decade - at least - markets will continue to grapple with superabundant capital," said Karen Harris, managing director of Bain's Macro Trends Group.
Looking ahead to the rest of 2015 and beyond, Bain predicts that superabundant capital is here to stay - and could continue to challenge PE investors going forward.
Firstly, it leads to a paradox: if appropriation of a given kind of resource is only permissible when that resource is not scarce, we are only permitted to appropriate it when there would be no value in doing so, as the resource would be superabundant.
One might object that Othello, unlike Aeneas, is intending to woo his beautiful listener with his tales, so the affect is not superabundant.
Tiny salamanders darting through leaf litter or burrowing into soil often get overlooked, but "these things are superabundant," she says.
I wish to suggest that Scotus thought the freedom expressed in our superabundant sufficiency consisted exclusively in the possibility of restraining the affectio commodi with the affectio iustitiae.
Thus, whilst some authors have argued that the structure of digital information--in particular the negligible costs of reproduction--instantiates a de facto regime of superabundant or 'open knowledge' (Foray, 2006, pages 172-179), others have drawn attention to the enclosure of such informational commons by existing proprietary regimes (Boyle, 2008).
What if they are not forlorn but superabundant with what has passed, what is here, and what is becoming?
The result could well be a superabundant world in which disease, disability, and death are just bad memories.
They are "reiterating and reaffirming the forces of beauty, health, and superabundant vitality" (51).
To be able myself, mine own experience, or thought, to write the feel or, even, meaning it had, perhaps, for me, to me, of all those superabundant, or ((auh auh)) damn, commas and hitching around.
Both Hawthorne and Thoreau, for Milder, find a throbbing sexual urgency in Nature and try to suppress its superabundant vitality.