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That his valet, Kasparson, has murdered Sehestedt and taken on his identity only shows the danger in the Cardinal's arrogant self-election, for superbia is contagious, inspiring envy and imitation, and corrupts any established order.
And we have found the root cause of most failures is Superbia, or pride/ self-righteousness.
Nam priusquam superbia turris illius in diversos signorum sonos humanam divideret societatem, una omnium nationum lingua fuit, quae Hebraea vocatur [.
25) Up to now laughter has always been associated with wickedness and, more precisely, with the arch-sin of superbia.
As to excess, the vice opposed is, of course, pride: "Pride, superbia, is so named because thereby a man's will aims above, supra, what he really is;.
Excessive love of self, conceived as hubris or superbia, is the consequence of the self's abandonment of God as its true end.
E stato sempre mia impresa un compasso, non per superbia che volesse dimostrarmi la mia professione di matematico, ma per esser misurato nei miei desiderij, col motto: Metior, ne metiar.
causis reclusionis et de Superbia Item sextus quaternus de litera monachi cartusien' et de verbis domini in cruce cum bona historia de [3.
Sonnet XXI Ne li occhi porta la mia donna Amore Ne li occhi porta la mia donna Amore, per che si fa gentil cio ch'ella mira; or'ella passa, ogn'om ver lei si gira, e cui saluta fa tremar lo core, si che, bassando il viso, tutto smore, e d'ogni suo difetto allor sospira: fugge dinanzi a lei superbia ed ira.
He lavishly praised kings who exercised their power with due humility, but also subtly refashioned the Augustinian critique of superbia into a sin of rebellion against legitimate political authority.