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I rode the winner of a two-mile handicap on the Thursday of the Manchester November meeting, Marcus Superbus, and the horse was 5-1 joint favourite before the off for the November Handicap two days later.
Oeneus thus illustrates classical precepts about a common type of tragic figure: "quo quis superbus extulit sese altius, / hoc graviusille ac foedius subito ruit," "The higher a proud man raises himself, the harder and more shamefully he falls" (76-77).
nam maximus ultor tergemini nece Geryonae spoliisque superbus Alcides aderat .
Adam superbus, humilis Christus: per feminam mors, per feminam vita; per Euam interitus, per Mariam salus.
The original consulate was established in 509 bc, when the people chose Tarquinius Collatinus and Lucius Junius Brutus as consuls, after Brutus had driven Tarquinius Superbus, seventh and last of the Roman kings, out of Rome.
Both in Baltoscandia and North America, the BC7 Isotope Zone covers an isotopically non-descript interval between the GICE and the KOPE (Rakvere) excursions in the lower Amorphognathus superbus conodont Zone.
The Serbian operator has presented the donation to the SOS Children's Villages of Serbia Foundation to help set up a mobile centre for work with children, known as the SuperBus.
If it is, then we are all pretty doomed, given the arrival of a particular Superbus which can speed up to a gutsy 250kph.
Of the most anticipated and unique exhibits at the show would be the Dutch project, Superbus, which will make its presence felt among the products from some of the established mobility majors.
Toxorhynchites haemorrhoidalis superbus (Dyar & Knab 1906), nuevo registro para la fauna de Culicidae de Venezuela.
FAMILIES can also catch GROOVY GAZZA AND THE AMAZING SUPERBUS on Tuesday, February 16, at Middlesbrough Theatre.
WHERE did Lucius Tarquinius Superbus rule as king from 534-510 BC?