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SUPERCARGO, mar. law. A person specially employed by the owner of a cargo to take charge of the merchandise which has been shipped, to sell it to the best advantage, and to purchase returning cargoes and to receive freight, as he may be authorized.
     2. Supercargoes have complete control over the cargo, and everything which immediately concerns it, unless their authority is either expressly or impliedly restrained. 12 East, R. 381. Under certain circumstances, they are responsible for the cargo; 4 Mass. 115; see 1 Gill & John. 1; but the supercargo has no power to interfere with the government of the ship. 3 Pardes. n. 646; 1 Boulay-Paty, Dr. Com. 421.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Many of the appendices, for example those listing Chairmen and Directors of the Honourable East India Company, Governors of important colonial entrepots, and captains and supercargoes of ships, incorporate extensive research in the archives.
Kalabari kings in the precolonial times required visiting supercargoes to salute them with three gun salutes (sometimes demanding seven).
Second, a new agency problem arose as the growing distance of operations meant that owners were compelled to delegate control over their expensive assets to captains, sometimes accompanied by supercargoes. Over time, owners sought to monitor operations more closely, with the result that shipmasters had less scope for discretionary action, and wages replaced participative forms of remuneration.
Clay, supra note 27, at 204 ("The mission priests traded directly with the ships' captains and supercargoes who brought goods to the coast.").
JMSDF sealift support, which consisted of an LST with a Spruance-class destroyer escort, was selected to transport the CEU equipment and 29 supercargoes (officers in charge of the cargo) from Sattahip, Thailand, to Um Said, Qatar.