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Just so that I'd know what people were talking about in work even though I would be superciliously not watching this year.
he said to me as I twiddled my thumbs a touch superciliously on the sidelines, "ride that one.
And he even wondered if "there are yet many things that the mother [Europe] might then learn of the daughter [America] heretofore rather superciliously regarded.
I would snort superciliously every time I caught a second or so of those ever popular cheap cartoons from Japan or American or wherever it is that fit-looking supernatural forces of good are constantly defeating ugly forces of evil at teatime.
And how the 'experts' raise their eyebrows and sniff superciliously when they hear that.
But suspicion also surrounded the glamorous Millicent and her mother shrouded in silk, putting on airs and graces, talking superciliously to poor Tompkins, the frock-coated butler.
We, the most aristocratic of people, who were addicted to the practice of looking down superciliously even upon the insides themselves as often very questionable characters--were we, by voluntarily going outside, to court indignities?
It is not a responsibility that they can meet appropriately merely by teaching the formalism of grammar, or superciliously disclaim by asserting that effective writing is an art and cannot be taught.
whom the pseudo-intellectuals superciliously sneer as coarse and vulgar,
Chares Farthing, medical director of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, might have been chosen by Central Casting as the oh-so-complacent naysayer in any biopic of misunderstood genius--the one who superciliously mocks Pasteur or Einstein only to be proven completely wrong-headed in the final reel.
Even more perniciously," Kolin points out, "Williams' later canon has been superciliously ostracized by a majority of critics who continue to explore the 1945-61 canon while they extol his recently rediscovered apprentice plays of the 1930s.