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In the case of the latter, soccer fulfilled a need that the restrictive parish structure of the GAA and the superciliousness of rugby could not.
Recurrent allusive hints to non-human creatures and the physical and social laws regulating their conduct assists in reducing human superciliousness concerning the incessant belief in autonomy.
Newly ensconced in Seattle, frontman Alex Trimble matches blase funk to toecurling superciliousness on Bad Decisions while Invincible is simpering confessional at its creepiest.
They're fed up with the relentless, moral superciliousness of Hillary, the Obamas, progressive pundits and 19-year-old campus activists," Mr.
It even builds in you a disturbing level of superciliousness that makes you thump your nose at almost everything you see when you go back home.
She can tend to the sick effectively and without superciliousness or impatience.
The other thing Obama's memo hints at is a thinly veiled superciliousness that the US has little to learn from the UN.
Her prolific portfolio of sociological analysis deconstructs the epistemological violence, revealing the internal enemies and forms of subjugation as well as the barrage of images--the sociology of the image--that perpetuate self-abnegation within both oppressed and superciliousness in oppressor.
And in Villette published a few years later, Lucy Snowe travelling as "an unprotected female" to London for the first time in her life braves her own painful shyness, the superciliousness of the inn servants and the noise of London streets; after the moment of initial dejection she starts to enjoy deeply the experience and the freedom of roaming the streets of London on her own: "I went wandering whither chance might lead, in a still ecstasy of freedom and enjoyment; and I got--I know not how--I got into the heart of city life" (Villette, 113).
Racial superciliousness remains deep within the character of the Chinese people, as their economic takeoff occurs.
As they stumble from leering to superciliousness, it feels like watching a bunch of teenagers from an all-boys' school suddenly discovering girls," he said.
The confrontation-- McNamara's superciliousness and the "impotence of the crowd"--was the catalyst for Balaban's decision to exchange his deferment for conscientious objector status.