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While aretaic duties to cultivate virtuous character traits may de facto require supererogatory actions, they do not (typically) require one to supererogate on any given occasion towards any given person.
Entire forgiveness may be supererogatory in relation to a given peace agreement but it may not refer to offences against this agreement.
That he/she shall regularly offer the five daily prayers in accordance with the commandments of God and the Holy Prophet; and shall try his/her best to be regular in offering the Tahajjud [predawn supererogatory prayers] and invoking Darood [blessings] on the Holy Prophet; that he/she shall make it his/ her daily routine to ask forgiveness for his/her sins, to remember the bounties of God and to praise and glorify Him.
In order to get a clear sense of the idea of the "blood of God," it is essential to consider both mystical annihilation (fana') and the reality of nearness and proximity to God (taqarrob), including both "nearness of obligatory works" and "nearness of supererogatory works" in Sufism.
I therefore expect you - may God bless you - to do what is asked of you and devote your time and energy to constantly worshipping God, performing the ordained prayers and supererogatory acts (nawafil) so that you may benefit as much as possible from the blessings of the Almighty and purify yourselves, in accordance with the saying of the Prophet (PBUH):
Serving others" was counted in the tally, however, because service implies supererogatory action, a free choice to do more than one's share in regard to others.
Yet, don Manuel's main supererogatory action is his decision to carry the burden of facing alone what he believes is the certainty of a future nothingness after death and the consequences of such conviction for this life.
According to the author, these tailors of the Emperor's new clothes, these sellers of magic beans, extort excessive fees from naive politicians who have been tricked into their supererogatory services.
No one, in no other situation, is compelled to perform the supererogatory acts required of pregnant women.
As intrinsically subjective, and despite whatever transitive agency it engenders in its causal-ethical objective world, self-immolation is ethically supererogatory, and religiously antinomian--and hence, non-endorsable.
I advocate the view that the idea of justice is not suitable for this cause, but that supererogatory duties demand us to compensate the South for the North's excessive use of atmospheric resources before 1990.
Cultivating the virtue of hospitality to the stranger or alien is thus no mere supererogatory act of "charity" as hospitality is often seen today.