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SUPERFOETATION, med. jur. The conception of a second embryo, during the gestation of the first, or the conception of a child by a woman already pregnant with another, during the time of such pregnancy.
     2. This doctrine, though doubted, seems to be established by numerous cases. Beck's Med. Jur. 193; Cassan on Superfoetation; New York Medical Repository; 1 Briand, Med. Leg. prem. partie, c. 3, art. 4; 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 299; Buffon, Hist. Nat. de l'Homme, Puberte.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Tom dramatizes the figure of the passive reader who is vulnerable to literal interpretation and to the invasion and "superfetation of alien ideas" that could derail development altogether and end the young reader's life.
Habitat predicts reproductive superfetation and body shape in the livebearing fish Poeciliopsis turrubarensis.
chamulae are similar to those of other members of the tribe Gambusiini (e.g., no superfetation and lecithotrophy; but see Pires et al.
The appearance of cardiac activity may be discordant in heterotopic pregnancy, according to Hirsh and associates, suggesting that superfetation is indeed a mechanism in its development, with one pregnancy conceived earlier than the other.
Females exhibit superfetation, in which several different broods of offspring are carried simultaneously, each at different stages of development.
More than representing an exaggerated equalization of one with the other, it seems to point ironically to the same superfetation of literary theory denounced in Do ideal e da gloria as one of the "un-cultural" problems of Brazil.
Aristotle then returns (in GA 4) to a further consideration of male and female, this time inquiring into the origination of these two regulating principles of genesis themselves, including in later sections of book 4 a discussion of various irregularities in generation (for example, the occurrence of monstrosities, superfetation, and miscarriage).
The website reports that superfetation might be more common than we realize as some doctors might mistake it for twin pregnancies. 
Furthermore, some poeciliids are able to accommodate several clutches simultaneously, socalled superfetation (e.g., Turner 1937; Thibault & Schultz 1978; Reznick & Miles 1989).
Such a rare case, when mother conceives another child while pregnant, is called superfetation in medical terminology.
For Ame was conceived three weeks after Lia due to a rare event called superfetation.