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Dando a entender que, a cobertura vegetal, por meio da estruturacao que gera no solo e pela protecao que estabelece na superficie, garante menor suscetibilidade a erosao pelas particulas de solo, independente dos valores de escoamento superficial.
Distal to the elbow, the SUA followed the usual course lateral to the median nerve, then crossed superficial to the median nerve, but was separated from it by the humeral head of the pronator teres muscle (Figure 1B).
Patients were evaluated for the presence of superficial mycoses.
McCain said "the number that will be will be sent by Obama will not be effective in any way because it is just a superficial solution, and it seems that Obama wants to remain off-topic for the next year and a half, adding" no one knows what will happen in this period, with the continuation of the organization Daash in its brutal operations "./ end
Small clots can form in the superficial veins as a result of minor trauma.
En el enfoque superficial el estudiante se caracteriza por el aislamiento, la memorizacion y pasividad.
For many women, superficial pain during sexual intercourse may be caused by psychological factors, such as anxiety disorders or fear of penetration.
The only pathological finding was superficial penile dorsal vein rupture at the base of the penis.
Nas superficies impermeabilizadas ha o aumento do fluxo, do pico e da velocidade do escoamento superficial direto, bem como a diminuicao do tempo de concentracao em decorrencia de superficies menos rugosas e sem obstaculos naturais para a detencao da agua (HU et al., 2010).
40 operated PD patients who performed preoperative superficial ultrasonography from January 2012 to December 2013 were evaluated retrospectively.
The researchers found no difference between the groups in the occurrence of observed superficial surgical site infections (prophylactic negative pressure wound therapy group, 15 percent, versus 10 percent for women receiving the standard dressing; P = 0.35).
Superficial Ulnar Artery, Bilateral and Antebrachial.