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According to the company, the superficial infection drug candidate will put under trial alongside the topical onychomycosis candidate formula.
The superficial temporal artery bifurcates anterior to the auricle to become two major branches, the frontal and the parietal.
Superficial epithelioma with sebaceous differentiation (SESD) is a rare histologically distinctive benign tumor, described for the first time in 1980 by Rothko et al.
The superficial palmar arch (SPA) is the primary vascular structure supplying the palm.
Dr Shafaarmri said there are two types of veins - deep veins and superficial veins.
Dr Shafaamri said there are two types of veins - deep veins and superficial veins.
This let the Superficial Gazette emerge as the clear winner in the marketplace of ideas.
The present article discusses vision saving technique for non invasive stage of eye cancer using superficial keratectomy along with application of silver nitrate in 18 bovines presented from August 2012-April 2016.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in seven chapters devoted to low CSD superficial atypical melanocytic proliferations, high chronic solar damage superficial atypical melanocytic proliferations, superficial atypical melanocytic proliferations in acral skin, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
For this reason, we classified it as a superficial ulnar artery (SUA).
Neste sentido, o escoamento superficial podera sofrer variacoes de intensidade em relacao a diferentes caracteristicas do relevo, das condicoes climaticas e da capacidade protetora da vegetacao.
Patients were evaluated for the presence of superficial mycoses.