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Although the latency and conduction velocity were similar the sensory nerve action potential amplitude of the superficial peroneal nerve was lower in the left foot than in the right foot (6.
2,40) Patients with superficial peroneal nerve involvement may have distal lateral leg pain that radiates into the dorsum of the foot, often exacerbated by lower leg percussion and resulting in diminished sensation.
The mass did not spread into the sciatic nerve, tibial nerve, or superficial peroneal nerve, and an articular branch was not recognized.
One previous case report describes an intraneural ganglion of the superficial peroneal nerve.
As little as 2 to 3 ml can be used to block each of the four nerves adjacent to their corresponding vessel, while the superficial peroneal nerve is blocked in the traditional manner using an infiltration technique with a volume determined by whether the nerve can be visualised and/or palpated.
Superficial peroneal nerve: The superficial peroneal nerve is the superficial branch of the common peroneal nerve.
We included 17 axonal neuropathy (AN) patients, 11 vasculitic neuropathy (VN) patients and 12 hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsy (HNPP) who had undergone sural and superficial peroneal nerve biopsy as part of the diagnostic work-up of their neuropathy and whose nerve biopsy specimens were suitable for the immunohistochemical analysis.
All these requirements are effectively addressed by the flow through fibula osteocutaneous flap, (2) where the peroneal artery restores the vascular deficit by acting as the conduit; the fibula provides the skeletal continuity (sometimes as a single bone forearm reconstruction); the peroneus longus harvested on an independent peroneal artery perforator, provides for reconstruction of the muscle tendon deficit, if the vascularised superficial peroneal nerve fascicle is also harvested, it will facilitate functional reconstruction.
The superficial peroneal nerve runs under the peroneus longus and innervates it and the peroneus brevis.
Similarly, sensory nerve action potential amplitude of the right superficial peroneal nerve was relatively lower compared to the left.

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