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New Delhi (India), Jan 12 ( ANI ): Rebutting the Opposition's claim that all major schemes of the incumbent central dispensation are those initiated by previous Congress regime and are being run superficially by changing their nomenclature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that none of the public welfare schemes of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is named after him.
Operators of the Washington sanctions machine are advised to at least superficially familiarize themselves with our history in order to stop wasting their time," Ryabkov said in a statement.
Unfortunately we are not interested in knowing the facts of the case but are looking it superficially. The supreme court is not a fiefdom of anybody.
Morrisons will sell the misshapen and superficially blemished fruit for 39p each, as the average retail price hits PS1.05, up from 98p last year.
The Constitution must not be read superficially, he added, pointing out there had been instances when the high tribunal did not read the Constitution literally.
Her support superficially sanitises the malevolence of his message.
Most of the characters are so superficially drawn, there's not enough substance to them to distinguish the living from the dead.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Radical terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), whose plans to attack Turkey were recently revealed in the media, have ordered those who arrive in Turkey to join ISIL to dress and act like sports fans, thereby superficially hiding their identities by appearing to blend into society, the Milliyet daily reported on Tuesday.
Since their introduction in 2007, superficially porous particles (SSPs)--a new type of particle for HPLC that yields better chromatographic performance than totally porous particle-based HPLC columns--were silica-based and couldn't be used in high-pH mobile phases due to silica dissolution.
Power at Westminster is all that has mattered to Labour and the move by Cameron to confine voting rights on English issues to English MPs - a superficially reasonable proposal - will finally end that aspiration.
They are available in two UHPLC configurations: 2.7 [micro]m superficially porous particles for high-resolution and low backpressure (stable to 600 bar), and 1.8 [micro]m for highest resolution, stable to 1200 bar.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The superficially coincidental images coming from both Gaza and Ferguson this month have created some surprising and sudden currents of solidarity.