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Where the act was initiated under the pretext of infiltrating terrorism and countering cybercrime , the superfluity of the language and ubiquitous terminology grants unchecked discretionary powers to PTA and PEMRA, and law enforcement authorities that have been used under the ambit of curbing dissent or questioning the powers that be.
Kenyans denounce the redundant positions under the current constitutional dispensation and still refuse to be burdened by a huge wage bill attendant to superfluity.
Yet what is most striking about Wolffs book is its superfluity.
Other human terms that caught my eye were a pity of prisoners and a bevy of ladies, a superfluity of nuns and a drunkship of cobblers, which seems an unfair slight on a fine body of tradesmen.
Shakespeare's material virtually ensured that Chalmers' take on the characters would come off as a lightweight superfluity.
Law and other scholars from Europe discuss the lawAEs role in the production of superfluity in refugee protection; legal regimes and practices on refugee protection, including refugees in Lebanon and the link between law on force and refugee law in the context of the Syrian conflict; forced migration and the sea, in terms of Resolution 2240 of the UN Security Council on the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking off the coast of Libya, and the 2015 Andaman Sea boat crisis; migration due to climate change and environmental degradation; and the legal situation of victims of human trafficking from a human security perspective.
Language, like numerous other features of nature, is neither all entirety nor all superfluity, but displays a balance between the two.
half-halos, make us believe in superfluity again, take our breath away.
Inside Paul it was the superfluity of French-style snacks, cakes, and bread that caught my attention.
Somewhere between luxury's superfluity and ever-elusive authenticity--between the hostility of urban space, of youth, of necessity and resistance, scarcity and excess--is a vitality that remains endlessly attractive, continually co-opted by brands and their "culture" campaigns.
Finally, the majority relied on the rule against superfluity to rebut Lockhart's argument that the limiting phrase "involving a minor or ward" modified all three state predicate crimes.
Moreover, Batelco has experience of more than two decades in the Internet business space and is fully capable of delivering a completely superfluity network equipped with diversified global link.