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He recalled in this context a negative opinion of the Supreme Court, which had rejected the changes as superfluous.
'Whether or not they will be given a formal letter of termination, to me, that would be superfluous.'
If not, then he should stop writing such superfluous articles aim of which is to gain popularity only.
The government, he said, had stated it was "not persuaded" that exchange customers should be brought within the Levy Board's remit and that further intervention in the online gambling trade would be "quite unnecessary" and "superfluous over-regulation".
Director Woody Allen cast this well, but then plonked on a superfluous voiceover which becomes really annoying.
While we know that in the past some of our readers have used this column to annotate the printed reference sources used to compile the list, the easy availability of the online version as well as other online resources make the publication of this data superfluous.
A partial dietary diversity score (PDDS) was also calculated by excluding the 3 categories of foods that could be considered superfluous (sweets, sweetened tea and fats).
THERE are a number of superfluous expressions which have found their way into common usage.
But will someone tell him that he doesn't need to be superfluous to get it done, and just use his brain.
The working fluid then drains from the panel and back into the holding tank bringing with it the unwanted superfluous material.
IN response to D Michell's letter about superfluous comparisons (Voice of the North, August 24): indeed comparisons are not superfluous.
In total, then, Wales will be headless, without this utterly superfluous layer of government for more than quarter of a year.