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True, he makes a compelling case for treating neoliberalism as an ideology that engenders the "banalization of political action and the superfluousness of that worldly space between individuals" (117).
The challenge of the Bazarov generation caused Herzen to revisit the generation theme in his late essay "Once More Bazarov," which contested the notion that superfluousness could provide the key to Russia's cultural chronology.
See supra text accompanying note 107 (noting exceptions to the law's superfluousness in the presence of verifiable disclosures).
If, in Arendt's terms, the superfluousness of men and money was simply staggering, then are we not now constellated, in a world whose wealth is beyond calculation and massa' Cyber Tech making human labor ever more transitory, devalued, and needless, in ways too similar to even bear dreaming about?
In England, alongside the ethos of the middle class, an aristocratic attitude was very much alive, disdaining usefulness and regarding superfluousness as the mark of the lady and gentleman.
She knew how to listen and, at the same time, trusting the conventional wisdom that loose lips really do sink ships, she was careful not to reveal even the occasional superfluousness.
It is filled with the kind of analysis (for instance, about the "seeming superfluousness of consciousness") that once led Ludwig Wittgenstein to describe metaphysics as "language gone on a holiday.
69) In 1474, the Tuscan Observants spelled out the implicit ideals of reformed church decoration: "avoid in the said edifices every superfluousness of grandeur and of curiosity in stone .
Rather than offering a rigid distinction between political society and nonpolitical or "civil" society so as to intimate the superfluousness of the former, as did Paine or today's libertarians, or merely assuming the latter to be the handmaiden of political life, as do today's communitarians, Burke is profoundly aware of the tension between these qualitatively distinct forms of human association.
is a condition resulting from prolonged functional superfluousness.
But we, of all people, should be extremely cautious in preaching deregulation, the superfluousness of government and the suitability of open markets for all seasons.
But the delivery of oefter from superfluousness restores the expectation that together with the present of sculan it mean something.