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Recognizing the appearance of pulmonary edema superimposed on emphysema has many clinical implications.
To make it appear like promotion material for a movie, Garganera's face had been superimposed on the image of Panday wielding a sword and wearing a sleeveless shirt and dark pants.
Marker (outcome Superimposed Mean measure) CV, % AUC [SE.
b) linked to the image projecting device at the other location whereby the captured image is transmitted from the home location to the remote location and projected at the remote location for viewing through the corresponding two-way mirror, at least one location being provided with visual depth-cure means visible through the two-way mirror from the observation zone so that the remotely derived image of a remote participant is seen through the two-way mirror in superimposed relation within a three-dimensional setting afforded by said visual depth-cue means.
Local artist Pat Payne superimposed sexual images -- including scenes of bondage and piercing -- on famous pictures of Jesus Christ by artists including William Blake, Rembrandt, Diego Velazquez and Edouard Manet.
The mass in the left posterior cavity was superimposed on the inferior turbinate.
The controversy has so far centred on the film's poster, which depicts a Christian cross superimposed on a swastika.
It is shown that superimposed normal stress influences the shear strain response and vice versa.
This point is illustrated in the video with a person trying to climb out of a baler and an image of a moving ram superimposed over the scene.
We have introduced a superimposed view that allows players to see through a model's golf swing to their own golf swing.
He sought a way to provide images automatically and coated pewter with various light-sensitive substances in an effort to copy superimposed engravings in sunlight.
I had superimposed a bug onto this area of carpet, but the superimposition disappeared upon closer inspection.