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In Reference 2 we obtain the following result: the global effect of the superimposition of an infinitive number of "virtual" particles [spread over the interval of x, [[-[alpha].
Lascaux is the cave with the greatest number of cases of split-action movement by superimposition of successive images.
This change produced an enormous amount of debate and research in the legal, constitutional, economic, political, and social fields: the profile of institutional change highlighted in this essay is related to how institutional changes of that level are, almost by definition, introducing some degree of superimposition of values and legal hybridisation.
5 x as long as r-m; 1Cu and cu-a probably subequal in length, junction apparently weakly angled (venation unclear and confused because of superimposition of wings).
While value judgments are inherent in all readings, in superimposition the reader assumes this power in the very act of reading itself, not afterwards.
Key elements of the optical system include the beam path design with its maximum optical precision and the uncompromising concentration on the essentials, the beam combiner system for extremely accurate beam coupling and superimposition, the beam splitter with continuous and loss-free splitting of the light spectrum and, last but not least, the extremely stable pinhole.
Schneider misses the point of this passage: the superimposition of two contrasting octatonic scales, converging at rehearsal 46 on D_, a pitch the two scales have in common.
It is also possible to obtain the information in real time from manufacturing field by superimposition of virtual objects to real scene(Ong et al.
Gaukroger sees this superimposition of "the 'two books' [of nature and revelation] .
While I could usually find the "stage" in the front of the map, the color-coding coupled with the confusing superimposition of the upper level balcony seats usually guaranteed me a seat near Siberia.
A major advantage of CBCT-generated cephalograms is the ability to excise unwanted structures such as the cervical spine and occiput, avoiding superimposition of irrelevant structures, and providing a remarkably clear image of pertinent maxillo-facial structures (8).
3D stereophotogrammetric image superimposition onto 3D CT scan images: the future of orthognathic surgery.