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Requests for superimpositions and facial reproductions should be sent to:
Support for generic superimpositions requires all identifiers to be in the local scope of the superimposition, described in a way that they can be replaced by actual identifiers of the basic algorithm if necessary.
SUPERIMPOSITION: Superimposition is a technique that is sometimes included among the methods of forensic facial reconstruction.
Carefully lit and burnished by flickering superimpositions, these middle-aged black women are treated as movie stars--Mildered Owens is seated in a throne-like wicker chair, swathed in a feather boa.
6) This is because of the superimposition of the prosthesis over dense, compressed tissue, which may obscure any existing lesion.
Photographic superimposition is useful when the remains are likely to belong to a particular missing person, and photographs are available (Ubelaker 2000; Ubelaker et.
The results: large-scale panels that flaunt smudged gestural marks and appropriated elements, most commonly billboards emblazoned with corporate logos and edges rough enough to make clear their superimposition on white-primed canvases, against which their cardboard expanses buckle.
Vdopia team not only implemented it quickly but also came up with the idea of text superimposition, which increased the CTR and led to huge traffic on Ziddkaro.
They explain how to optimize queuing networks' abilities to handle customers, how to achieve superimposition of queuing networks, and how to use the Embrechts-Veraverbeke formula in multiserver queuing models.
Radiographically, the anterior fat pad is a superimposition of the radial and coronoid fat pads when viewing a lateral radiograph.
Washington is however still concerned by security problems raised by the superimposition of certain - secure - Galileo signals and new generation GPS military signals (anticipated for 2012).
This comparative analysis primarily uses superimposition of these evidence samples.