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He said that the CVC has the power of superintendence only with regard to cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act and CVC cannot replace the Director of CBI.
Bank, held that the petitioners were not entitled to relief under the general superintendence provision because "relief is properly denied 'where there are adequate and effective routes by which the petitioning party may seek relief.'" 423 Mass.
[i]n addition to all other powers vested by this article in the supreme court, the supreme court shall have general superintendence over all courts in the state.
Jaakko, Eskola, Group Vice President of Wartsila Ship Power, senior representatives from Safety Superintendence Division, Strategy & Development Division of COSCO Group, as well as heads of COSCO Shipyard Group and COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company.
If approved, the plan will have to receive clearance from the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs and the Superintendence of the Peruvian Securities Market - SMV.
The proposed merger awaits clearance from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.Country: Colombia, Sector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Compania de Servicis SABuyer: Schindler Elevator AmericasType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ExclusivityComment: The two sides have entered into a term sheet
all civil, criminal and revenue courts and all tribunals and special courts functioning in Islamabad capital territory that were within the jurisdiction and under the superintendence and control of the Lahore High Court before ...
While George Washington was certainly no groundbreaker as a political philosopher, he nevertheless was possessed of a stable and consistent political philosophy, argues Morrison (government, Regent U.), which "revolved around the central principles of union, liberty, and self-government under the Constitution, administered with virtue as an example to the entire world, all under the superintendence of a benevolent Providence." This philosophy, he argues, was an amalgam of classical republicanism, British liberalism, and Protestant Christianity.
Suspicious transaction reports from financial institutions can also be received electronically, via a system known as SINACOFI (Sistema Nacional de Comunicaciones Financieras) that is used by banks to distribute encrypted information among themselves and the Superintendence of Banks.
Ten (10%) percent of the total of Items 1-7 (i.e., direct cost categories including one for all "insurance required by reason of the performance of the extra work") as compensation for all other items of cost or expense including administrative, overhead, superintendence, and small tools;
Until now Telenor has had the sole right to directory services in Norway, but the country's Post and Telecommunications Superintendence has decided that from today other companies are also allowed to offer these services.
The site of New Place, Stratford-on-Avon, the last residence of Shakespeare and the place where he died, is now undergoing a very careful examination under the superintendence of Alderman Colbourne, following the interesting discovery a few days ago of the original foundations of the house.

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