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Superintendent's next proceeding took him back to the "boudoir" again, with my daughter and me at his heels.
Superintendent, who tried to speak to her, pale as death, and wrapped up strangely in her own thoughts, she left the room, and went down to her cousins on the terrace.
Superintendent once more attempted to question her.
I told the Superintendent it meant that Miss Rachel's temper was upset by the loss of her jewel.
Seegrave was fast approaching the condition of a superintendent at his wits' end.
Superintendent's suspicions to range over, he tried to narrow it by asking about the servants' characters next.
It was the Superintendent's business to discover reason for suspecting her first--and then, and not till then, it would be my duty to tell him how she came into my lady's service.
My daughter's little outbreak of temper in the "boudoir," and her readiness to think herself suspected, appeared to have produced an unfavourable impression on Superintendent Seegrave.
Superintendent made his bow, with a look in my direction, which said plainly, "Why employ me, if you are to tie my hands in this way?" As head of the servants, I felt directly that we were bound, in justice to all parties, not to profit by our mistress's generosity.
Superintendent alive on a furnace, and the other women looked as if they could eat him when he was done.
This was foolish of me, I know; but I resolved to continue the work long enough to prove to the superintendent that I could do it without breaking down.
It was the same with cattle that were gored and dying, or were limping with broken bones stuck through their flesh--they must be killed, even if brokers and buyers and superintendents had to take off their coats and help drive and cut and skin them.

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