superior individual

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But, soon their story takes a turn as underlying their friendship is a fierce competitiveness to beat one another and emerge as the intellectually superior individual.
Gonscience, he thought, was a fake adornment adopted, as it were, by little people trying to come to terms with the supposed superior individual or ubermensch in their midst.
But Nigeria refused to surrender and Keshi can be proud of his stars for standing up to Argentina's superior individual skill.
Bahrain's experienced coach Nizar Al Shakili of Tunisia used the superior individual skills and outstanding efforts of his players to recover from an unstable beginning and secure this four-set game in one hour and 55 minutes.
To give the impression that you are a superior individual to those who provide you with your living is a sure-fire way to move rapidly into the ranks of the unemployed or your business towards disaster.
Raymond Domenech's side clearly have the superior individual talent and if showing their best colours should win.
Sheffield recovered from a remarkable 11-1 foursomes deficit yet still lost their 100 per cent record to East Riding while Harrogate beat York to move joint top, though Sheffield have a superior individual wins tally.
There were times in the Fiji versus Australia match that the superior individual athleticism of the South Sea islanders was apparent.
2] populations grown at the Southeast Branch Station at Rohwer, AR, in 1993, bolls from visually superior individual plants were harvested and bulked.
Their darters ensured they picked up the major trophy with a comfortable victory over Stockingford AA, giving them a vital championship point, and with Bermuda losing the 5s&3s encounter against Fife Street A both teams finished level on points, but with the Road's superior individual games won record seeing them home.
Superior individual techniques, skills, and drills.
Fountainhead, The (1943), her first best-selling novel, depicts a highly romanticized architect-hero, a superior individual whose egoism and genius prevail over timid traditionalism and social conformism.

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