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Since this motley assortment of players seems to have first met only the day before the concert, with scant time for rehearsal, it is remarkable how superlatively well their performance was received.
33) Kate Douglas Wiggin, at the Silver Street Kindergarten in San Francisco, recalled that "For the first time in my life I was clearly doing something that I was able to do well, perhaps in the course of time, superlatively well.
Networking events aren't convenient for all, however, which is why the explosion of social media in recent times has provided a godsend, delivering a superlatively accessible route to an endless supply of advice.
With an innovative wireless design from a superlatively talented and experienced team that has a track record of success, HMicro aligns perfectly with Lab IX s goal to partner and enable connected world start-ups.
Ultimately this essay will demonstrate that even though Lovecraft himself was not an occultist and considered his work simple weird fiction, his works are indeed suited superlatively, if inappropriately, to co-option by real occult groups.
As always with Carpenter, it contains superlatively written and trenchantly observed analysis.
If you see one film about walled-in males this fall, it should be the savage and powerful British prison drama "Starred Up,'' a superlatively acted father-son story played out behind bars and starring up-and-coming Jack O'Connell.
This superlatively chosen exhibition makes it particularly regrettable that Barry Friedman announced his decision to close the gallery.
The nature of the cosmos in the 'ideal' tale of horror is 'nightmarish' in the most exacting sense of the term; more than just superlatively malignant, it is cruelly capricious, utterly inscrutable, and as imaginatively perverse as the hermetically sealed fever-visions of the most brain-sick Symbolist mind.
In Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen succeeds as Guiffre (1980:29) remarks in imbuing the fable with a moral in such a superlatively decorous way that nowhere the narrative is felt to be oppressively coloured by the author's ethical concerns.
Superlatively performed by Broadway and film actor Tony Roberts, Doing Hard Time: A Stone Barrington Novel is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of Stuart Woods' high-stakes tale of murder and deceit.
A superlatively lovely girl I fancied at school, was competing unsuccessfully with me in our class for academic laurels, and so I imagined that frustrated as she was over her ambition to be the Number One pupil in the class, she positively hated me.