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He takes on Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) because Tom, you see, is the seventh son of the seventh son, which makes him especially suited to the job of killing supernatural beings.
A secret organisation within the Vatican dispatches notorious vampire hunter Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) to kill all supernatural beings, including Mr Hyde and Frankenstein's monster.
Legend has is that the seventh son of a seventh son is born with certain special powers, which, in Joseph Delaney's "Wardstone Chronicles" fantasy-lit series, include the ability to see supernatural beings and, potentially, to kill witches.
Last Stories and Other Stories is harrowing in the boredom it delivers, except for the bits, mostly toward the end, in which his male characters have slushy sex with rotting female corpses, some of them ghosts or vampires or supernatural beings of some other sort.
Typical of the Nights , Ansary's stories incorporated mundane and larger-than-life characters, ordinary people, and supernatural beings, and spanned all four corners of the earth.
In a few frames, we see a glimpse of her devil form through Kazuya's eyes after she confirms it is through her bloodline that the Mishima descendents are able to transform into supernatural beings.
Davidson isn't recounting a fairy tale--he's casually explaining the regular presence of supernatural beings in Haida life.
It turns out that her empathetic abilities mark her as an unwitting manifestation of The Sophia, a mystical oracle to the "demimonde" of supernatural beings that lurk in the shadows of the world.
Important too are the stories from other nations: the Christian Bible, but also tales such as Robin Hood, Pocahontas, Sinbad or Cuchulain the Hound of Ulster and those myriads of supernatural beings, superheroes and heroic women that have been garnered from the world's mythologies.
Nor have I ever had any messages from Jehovah, Krishna, Hercules, Baha or any of the other supernatural beings.
5" coffee table/reference book will keep students and general readers captivated with page after page of supernatural beings, battles, monsters, gods, and goddesses.
Saif escapes, but when a military task force jails him, he finds himself surrounded by supernatural beings.