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Gibbon (1776/1932) and Freud (1927/1957), among others, exposed the humanistic origins of supernaturalistic proclamations.
The belief that one's own group is superior to all other groups has proved to be extremely useful in human history whether in its naturalistic or supernaturalistic form.
The ancient physicians had communication problems with which we might sympathize today, for there was an obvious tension between the naturalistic explanation of disease in the Hippocratic corpus and popular traditional understandings centred upon supernaturalistic beliefs [2].
presupposes the falsity of classical or supernaturalistic theism, the real targets of his argument are revisionary theists such as Langdon Gilkey, Charles Hartshorne, and Odgen.
The shift toward a more rationalized worldview in polite English society, Winship contends, influenced the later Puritans to tone down their supernaturalistic rhetoric regarding such phenomena as unnatural births, earthquakes, demons, and witches.
In his Introduction, Ramsey tells us that he sees James as "attempting to broaden the definition of religion beyond the confines of theistic and supernaturalistic frameworks toward an immantist, almost naturalistic meaning" (p.
African indigenous humanism maintains a rigid supernaturalistic metaphysics that is rejected by Western nontheistic humanism.