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without the promise of supernormal gains from exclusivity or the peril of subnormal gains due to misappropriation by copiers, rational inventors will speed up or slow down invention in order to maximize return on their investment.
It will eventually require evidence and analysis to determine whether the advertising dollars involved will actually create additional intangible value resulting from supernormal management skill, similar to a franchise, especially considering that each mall has a different design, layout, and anchors (i.
Explains the nuances between supernormal, supernatural, and superior.
By tracing all these experiences back to the same moment of recollection and trance, Hollenback's study improves on earlier studies of mysticism which have separated "highly abstracted states of divine union or yogic absorption where all images, forms, and earthly passions fall away" (Hollenback x) from visionary forms of mysticism which include apparitions, supernormal enhancement of the senses, and vivid sensory images (Hollenback ix).
Adapting to supernormal auditory localization cues: I.
One group of researchers, however, has developed a technology that can endow people with a new kind of supernormal vision.
Harry began researching EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in the Seventies, and recently published the results of his work in an American magazine of the supernormal called Fate.
The resulting offspring, Sarah, soon grows into a ruthless, scheming science prodigy just like her "real" mom--though Sarah has supernormal powers, which she uses to eliminate any and all inconvenient bystanders.
Acquired assets that were not expected to generate supernormal returns did not generate goodwill at acquisition.
Yet it hovered without making a sound before speeding off at supernormal speed when the trio of youngsters cried out in alarm.
This is clear evidence that IPO firms sustain supernormal growth following their initial public offering.