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When investigating deposition mode ice nucleation at temperatures down to -33[degrees]C and supersaturations with respect to ice up to 35%, Diehl et al.
Keywords: Cystone[R] Computerized tomography Herb Kidney calculi Supersaturation Nephrolithiasis Quantitative CT
Clinical use of cystine supersaturation measurements.
The remaining terms of the equation then relate the nucleation rate to the absolute bulk temperature [T.sub.b], the crystal surface energy a and the supersaturation ratio S (= [C.sub.b]/[C.sub.s]), which is a measure of the crystallizing salt concentration in the bulk solution at a given temperature.
EQUIL 2: a basic computer program for the calculation of urinary supersaturation. J Urol 1985;134:1242-4.
Crystal nucleation and growth on pyrolyzed and control surfaces were monitored at supersaturations ([omega]) over the range of ([omega]) = 10.7 to 52.5.
Homogeneous nucleation in aqueous aerosol particles at high supersaturations is a plausible formation pathway that explains the high ice particle complexity observed in this case.
It is encouraging that all three [N.sub.c] estimates have similar annual-mean values and that the [N.sub.c] cycle agrees qualitatively with the annual cycle of CCN concentration, especially at low supersaturations (Fig.